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Political marketing – vive la différence! - Information

Political marketing – vive la différence!
Andrew Lock and Phil Harris
Faculty of Management and Business,
The Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
European Journal of Marketing,
Vol. 30 No. 10/11, 1996, pp. 14-24.

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The explicit use of techniques in politics which we would now describe as
marketing dates back at least to 1920 in Britain (Wring, 1994). Since the Saatchi
and Saatchi poster – “Labour isn’t working” – it has become commonplace to
speak of political marketing, and many marketers have come to believe that
there is a direct transference of their concepts and tools to the political arena.

In this paper, we consider the differences between political and mainstream
marketing and suggest some areas in which we believe that marketers may
learn from the political science literature. At this stage we confine our analysis
and most of our examples to mainland British politics.


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